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Why Every Startup Needs an Explainer Video

Most of us already know that branding can be a tough task for every startup. Innovating a new product or service has always been a challenge since it is not easy to inform and convince people to believe in something that we believe in. Not only you need to introduce your brand, but also you will have to explain what your brand does and how it is standing out of others.

Probably you haven’t known about this, most folks only have a short time to pay attention to something. While a pile of papers is not intriguing for them, long presentations are not good either.

So what you can do as a startup doer or as an entrepreneur?

The answer is easy and straightforward, the startup videos, more specifically, an explainer video.

motion graphicsAn explainer video is a short video that informs the viewers about your brand, company, product, service, promotion, or anything you want in “entertaining” way. It is not an advertisement or sales videos. Rather, company introduction video content focuses on the introduction or informational purpose to fetch the potential customers in your company or brand, or just purely grant them the quick facts to learn more about your brand.

The statistic shows that startup videos are proven to be an effective way to communicate with the potential customers. The startup video also help in conversion numbers. Here is the reason why.

It is short and effective

As mentioned, most video viewers only have limited time to pay more attention to new videos. That is because of certain factors like a tight schedule, patience, attention spans, distraction, and so on. So, you’ll have the tiny gap to fill. Based on the statistic, 90% of the smartphone and PC users will just skip long and boring commercial videos (2 minutes). You will only have about 60 to 90 seconds max to inform the points of your brand. With custom animated video, you can make it happen. You will be surprised at how much impacts you’ll establish after sharing your startup explainer videos through social media sites. The short videos encourage you to highlight the key points such as the value, the solution you offer, and how to find your brand.

Short startup videos show your company image

As a startup business, your audience has zero picture about your company image. Folks still don’t know who you are. Through videos, they will know you through the content you present. And we are talking about the detailed aspects of videos regarding the images, scripts, colors, music, design, theme, website demo video productionand others. They will have a glimpse of your brand which they will grant a sense of what your company does. For instance, you will know just in seconds when you look at the poster of an old man wearing glasses and white shirt. The background color of the poster is red. You’ll know in seconds that it is one of the most renowned fast food chains in the world.

Videos simplifies everything

The animated explainer video can simplify everything that you want to deliver to your audience. When you make these videos, your viewers will look up into the context of the video and they will understand exactly about what you do. For instance, you want to introduce a new product to your audience. Chances are you’re returning customers and potential customers will be in the same pool. There is no “much” time to explain anything about your product in details. Words can be really daunting when you describe something. With the help of the explainer video, it will become easier to clarify things so that you won’t leave your audience with bias information.

Spread the words, obviously

If you want to improve your online visibility, you can’t go wrong with the custom animated video. It will help you to go viral. It is also another way to improve your SEO in a quicker way. YouTube ranks second in the Google search results. If you have ever noticed your own search, you will see at least one video would be shown in the SERP. Not to mention that folks like to share videos more often than other types of content. By sharing your videos on social media, blog, Youtube, and other sites, you can increase the visitors of your website. It is something that you need as a startup business.

Reach the mobile users

Explainer videos are very prevalent for mobile devices users. Since Youtube app has also raided the mobile markets, it will help you to spread the words about your brand. Let’s admit it. For some folks, it is more convenient to watch videos in a cafe nearby through your smartphone rather than turn your laptop on and wait for it for loading. Most mobile users know really well the advantages of using their mobile phone for any purpose. Encouraging the introductory video to this type of user has been the right approach for most recent years.

It is an infinite medium

The biggest advantage of the explainer videos is that it provides ample medium to tell your story in different ways. Besides, you will have full control of what you are going to do with the videos. You will be able to express anything.

It is more than words

According to the Forbes, studies have shown that visual appeals tend to be more sticking to the recipient’s minds than any motto or slogan. For instance, you may remember the face of a popular actor but you forget the name. Your audience will get the same effect as it is. Videos, without a doubt, are much better way to explain your brand to your customers.

It is amusing

With fun factors that you add to the videos, these will entertain your audience. We can actually see the solid example in our society. Nowadays, more and more people tend to watch movies than reading the novels. More folks are captivated by amazing animated ads than ads in the newspaper. That’s why most of the texts have been replaced by startup videos.

Increase your conversion rate

The more viewers are attracted to your startup videos, the more potential viewers turn into your customers. You’ll have the liberty to add call-to-action information in your product introduction video, which explains a lot why it can convert the visitors into sales. It is probably the quickest approach that you can practice in your business. In most occasions, it really does serve your purpose.

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