Have you ever been inspired by the idea of creating an explainer video? It’s really worth it – explainer videos are one of the best ways to reach out to your target audience for today most well-known mega companies engaged in entrepreneurship and business making, as well as the very beginners, are using them.

In the scenarios when you are 100% convinced that your output product is not “as cute” as to be sold to the public, there still can be found a person who would take a much diverse look at your product and buy it eventually. With explainer videos you simply need to communicate your ideas in a quick, understandable and clear way and the most important thing is that your audience clearly understands how the particular product resolves a problem.

Consolidating an explainer video isn’t more difficult than making a PowerPoint slide show. From the very beginning you make a design of your ideas and find suitable graphs, animations and other interesting techniques to communicate your ideas through explainer videos. The only difference is that you would need to do a voiceover record from a written script instead of presenting it live. One thing to remember is you’ll need to be concise and genuinly explain how things are done. The greatest difference is the final step of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together into an easily accessible video file format.

A vast number of business companies run through hardships explaining their scope of engagement so that potential clients may easily understand. When a viewer gets familiarized with a particular business on the web, very often he or she quits watching the website due to “foreign” language or the fact that the content used did not sound user-friendly to get familiar about the services offered by that company. This is where animated video jumps in.

The human brain is designed to respond to contents, especially those that communicate familiar ideas.

Through a mixture of unfamiliar and familiar ideas, stories told through explainer videos get viewers introduced to new concepts. An explainer video tells clients why they should care about a business.

Originally, an explainer video should be 30-90 seconds in length which translates into a written script of around 200 words or less in most cases. What an explainer video achieves is just incredible. Explainer video sublimates diverse and difficult wide-ranging and compound ideas into a user-friendly format, allowing viewers to leave with a much better idea of what a company does and why its services are important. What is different about explainer videos is that they use a simple story to communicate something broader, such as why a particular business exists.