Animated explainer video commissioned by the Armenian Government

Engineering projects are necessary to bring progress to populations across the world. In this context, the Armenian government wanted to improve the infrastructure system of several regions throughout the country. Along with this big engineering task, an animated explainer video was required to describe its important details.

In fact, it was a series of 6 explainer animation videos that would raise awareness on this groundbreaking program. This infrastructure plan included improvement of water supply in big areas and the development and enhancement of new and existing pipeline and road systems.  Said improvements were expected to increase the regions’ income up to 20%.

The challenge: Make an animated video to show how infrastructure projects would improve the lives of many Armenians

 The ministry of Agriculture was interested in using animated video production and specifically an animated explainer video to inform the people about the infrastructure campaign. Projects of this magnitude imply working with a lot of numbers and data. For this reason, they wanted to be very clear about the information and reveal it in an easy and clear way, so anyone could understand it.

Explainer videos are perfect for simplifying complex terminology and boring figures, so they were very excited about working with our explainer video company and watching the final product.