Azatamart is a documentary film about the Liberation of Sushi by Armenian military forces.

The battle took place near Shusha in May 8, 1992 and was named “Wedding in the Mountains”. The military operation is a historical event for the Armenian people, because that day they liberated strategically important position. After the experts would say, that it was one of the reasons of the victory of Nagorno-Karabakh War.

It was a big responsibility for our animation studio and we decided to create maximum  realistic. We did know 3d and 2d animation were not a solution.  From the other side to create that atmosphere was kind of unrealistic, because the city has been restored and a lot of soldiers unfortunately have passed away. Our animation studio animators have suggested to use 3D photo mapping with motion graphics. They have converted historical moments from 2d to 3d and give them motion.  It is fresh and interesting: new look, new life and big message to the coming generations.