Explainer video on the Armenian agricultural development report series

This explainer video on the Agricultural development report perfectly describes what infrastructure development can do for the progress of a community.

The video, which is the second animated video explainer creation for the ministry of Agriculture, lays out the importance of new investments in infrastructure. In a very enjoyable way, the explainer video describes new advancements such as improved networks of roads, better water supply, and stronger cooperation efforts.

The challenge: Create an animated video to show infrastructure development in rural Armenia

Development is what brings a better future to our families, communities, and country. And this was the main point the ministry of Agriculture wanted to send across with the explainer video series.  Their main priority was finding an animated video company that understood the core concept and knew how to tell it in a friendly way.

Since we were very excited about the project, we set out to create animated video ideas that fit this concept. Our storyboard, script and art direction would have to appeal to the demographic and be as direct as possible.