Explanation video for the Visa’s new financial football game

Do you love football? Are you financially smart? If you love rooting for your favorite team and also know what an IPO is, this financial football explanation video will make your day.

Launched for the FIFA World Cup of 2014, you can now have fun and put your financial skills to the test with this great example of what animated explainer videos should be.

The World Cup is probably the biggest sports competition on the planet after the Olympics. It’s also the biggest draw in terms of fans, money, and sponsors. This is an ideal position for any company that wants to advertise its products to the millions of fans who take football to heart.

The challenge: Create an entertaining animated explainer video to benefit from the hype of the World Cup

Companies from all industries start their marketing engines around big sport events, like the FIFA World Cup. This is especially true for global brands like Visa, who approached our explainer video production company to create an explanation video for this magnificent event.

They wanted to develop motion graphics that were both entertaining and educational, in the hopes that people would have fun and sharpen their financial skills. They also wanted to create animated video content for classroom curriculums for students of all ages.