Fluid simulation for juice commercial

Short brief: flying, exploiting fruits or fluid simulation or dancing fruits or whatever: just make it super!
How to blend exciting fruit images, a healthy lifestyle and a new package all into one big,physics-altering juice commercial? Ask Tamara Fruit. Established in 2002, Tamara Fruit is a pioneer in the production of a wide range of fruit-based products, like compotes, jams, preserves and organic juices. They also want to expand production to international markets by forming connections with local distributors. They step up their game in the marketing department, with fun and engaging ways to reach new demographics.

The challenge: Use VFX fluid simulation to grab attention

It’s precisely the growing world demand for high-quality, organic products. That has led Tamara Fruit to come up with an exciting idea to take advantage of social media’s craving for viral videos and the latest in state-of-the-art 3D motion graphics.How can they introduce an update on their package design to new and existing followers in an eye-catching way and for everyone in social media to see? A fluid simulation juice commercial where the laws of physics simply cease to exist.