10 Things to Check Before Hiring a Professional Animation Company

Tips for Hiring An Animation Company

Hiring an animation company is a herculean task. It requires you to be cautious or you might be in for a ride.

Your video is a reflection of your brand…

And today we will share with you 10 insider tips for hiring the best animation studio for your budget.


A portfolio reflects the quality of work offered by an animation company. Looking through a portfolio of videos will give you an idea about the quality of work by an animation studio.


•Check whether their previous work fits well with your brand’s needs.

Is it accompanied by a good story?

•Check the quality of animation. If you’re not a professional, just see how smooth & dynamic is the video.

•Are the visuals appealing or do they belonging a clip art gallery?

•Is audio understandable? Quality of the voiceover.

Does music sound good?

•How does music make you feel?

hire an animation company


Another good way to find an animator or a partner studio is scrutinizing projects-completion rate.

Experience is also paramount when it comes to honing skills. To appoint a professional animation studio, you need to seek out experience.

A good score of videos will exhibit that a company is more experienced than one who has created a few videos within the same tenure.

animation company portfolio


Heed to all details before closing a deal with an animator. A video should essentially create a bond between the brand and the viewers. From characters to humor, everything is imperative to make a video alive and engaging. 

But you’re probably wondering:

“I’m not a professional how can I evaluate the quality?”

Just watch some animated videos and find out whether you are capable of taking in a message.

If you comprehend the underlying message, it means the story was properly transmitted. Hence, paying heed to every detail can be time-consuming and weary but all your painstaking efforts will be rewarding.

animated explainer video


A video should have comprehensible graphics. Drawings should be:

• Original
• Contemporary
• Winsome.

Therefore, you should seek consistency that will be compatible with your company in terms of the logo, the colors, brand, and website.

Consequently, you have to find out how accurately an animated video reflects character model designs set forth by character designers. As per your needs, you can choose the style of animations – standard and custom.

animation style


A demo reel exhibits the strength of a company.  First of all, you should check out:

• The quality of the animation
• Visuals; are they 100 original?
• The soundtrack
• Animation style
• Camera movement etc.

Look for complex scenes, cool and clever transitions between shots, color selection, and scene composition.

Many studios include collaborating work on their reels so it is important to find out what their role was on those projects. You can ask an animator (or the contact person) to explain their involvement for each scene in a reel.

If it is not clear what they did or didn’t do, it is not a good sign. In that case, it’s better if you move onto another animation company. Finally, make sure that the animation reel will contain mostly shots from work they produced entirely by themselves.


While hiring an animation company, look for enthusiasm too. People who love what they do, as a rule, create the most fantastic things. Remember Steve Jobs or The Wright Brothers

An animator or a studio shouldn’t only love or believe in their crafts and skills. They should also be exuberant in their project work. No matter how good an animator is. If they are demotivated or taking the job to make a few pennies, most of all they won’t be able to give their 100%.

Make sure the company you hire loves what they do and is looking forward to animating your script devoutly. This is also one of the reasons why you should ask for a demo reel. As a result, you will be able to know whether passion exudes from their work or not.

animation production feedback


Looking for experience, completed projects, and animation styles are not enough when choosing professional animation companies.

The voiceover is an essential element to consider when choosing an animation house.

Therefore, voiceovers should be done by a professional speaker who has a proper command of tone and genre.


A voiceover artist should be capable of manifesting all emotions explicitly.

A full command of the language is very important so that people can connect with the video content.

For example, American pronunciation is different from British pronunciation. If the animated video is produced to cater to Americans, a voiceover artist should have a full command over the American accent.

Use this form for the voice over audition and you will never forget anything

voice over audition


There are lots of animation studios making promises of high-quality renderings at affordable prices. But as a rule, they have little time to communicate with their clients. 

First of all, to create an excellent animated video, an animation company should understand what vision the client bear in mind.Signing a contract with an animation studio, you should find that a company is ready to promptly responds to your queries.

Check whether a production company responds promptly to your questions and queries. If they let you actively participate in all stages of production. It’s important because no one knows your business better than you.

animation studio service


Before closing a deal with any animation company, you should ask for clients’ feedback.

You can solve this purpose through reviews, ratings, and testimonials on their website. This step will help you in deciding whether or not to hire a company.

A reliable production company won’t hesitate to provide this information.


Budget is the most important factor when fixing a deal with an animation studio. Numerous animation companies are out there rendering services at affordable prices. Don’t forget that this could be a rip-off. Be wary!


Ask and compare prices so that you can get value for your bucks. You should be clear on how much amount you are ready to spend. Prices may vary depending not only on your needs but also your constraints, especially if you’re a startup.

It’s ideal for companies with low budget to hire a freelance animator for the whole video production process, from script writing to post-production.

If you have a higher budget and you want to give your competitors something to be envious about, hiring a studio is a great option for creating your video. An animation company will have an organized structure:

• Professionals specializing in different areas
• Scriptwriters
• Directors
• Illustrators
• Voiceover talents
• Animators, and post-producers.


Pricing may vary significantly between companies.

Always bear in mind that high prices are not always indicators of better quality. There are many companies with higher costs than average, and their quality is not particularly good thus.

Therefore, don’t forget to verify the portfolio. Most of the studios publish their work on Behance. Check if their work has been featured on the website.

Also, be cautious with extremely small budgets. If you have a small budget, consider hiring freelancers.

Just Remeber: You always get what you pay for!

animation production prices

Tips for Choosing a Freelance Animation Services


Many companies are using social media and freelance platforms as Fiverr to target audience and expanding their business. However, freelancers use these platforms for getting projects.

Post Ads online so that freelancers can look you up and contact you. Make sure to explain briefly about your product/service, timeline, budget, and style of animation in the advertisement.

Different software is used for different types of animation. Hence, make sure that animators are experienced with all software. Don’t forget to ask the link for their portfolio. Ultimately this will reflect whether or not they can meet your project expectations.


Here are some questions that you should put up to a freelancer.

  • How many productions have you been a part of?
  • What is the biggest challenge that you have faced in animation?
  • Why does your style match the needs of this project better than any other animators?
  • Have you ever had a conflict with the director of a project?
  • How many hours do you typically dedicate to a project?


You do have to consider experience when finding freelance animators. 

But apart from experience, you should also look at the style of freelance animators. Confirm whether it matches the style of the demo video you are envisioning.

Some animators may have exceptional skills, but they won’t be suitable to take on the job if those skills don’t properly match with your projects. Therefore, you should look for a freelancer who has experience in the animation style you’re looking (2d animation motion graphics, 3d animation etc).

For instance,  you come across a freelance animator who has experience in intensive 3D animation or high-end visual effects. Great!  They also could be a talented motion designer but won’t be suitable for a simple 2D animated demo video. An ideal animator for demo videos is one who is proficient with 2D animation production and has good illustration skills.

motion graphics freelancer


Managing a project is a very tumultuous task.

Before assigning any project, don’t forget to ask about how fast they can deliver.

It might so happen that your freelance animator is always extremely with other projects. So they won’t be able to deliver what you expect of them on time because of too much workload.

You have to be careful when choosing a freelance animator. If you chose an inexperienced animator to save money, you may struggle to communicate with your animator and meet your deadline.

Here is the deal:

A professional freelance animator will be fast and require minimal supervision.

THE BOTTOM LINE? Always Choose Animation Studios over Freelance Animators

animation production

Animation studios are far better than freelance animators as they have reputed professionals and have more experience.

And here is why:

Constant practice of creating an animated video makes them experts in their field and they would always be brimming with and designs. Finally, a good animation company doesn’t use any templates or a cheap explainer video toolkit from sources such as Videohive.

Because of strict professionalism, animation studios will always meet deadlines – no matter how much workload they have. Also, they know that their part is just a piece of a much larger campaign.

You will get quality work at affordable prices. In the case of a freelance animator, there’s a complete risk that you won’t get your project completed as per your expectations and within the deadline.

In conclusion:

With a studio, you will get a high-end video that will rank on Google search engines. The better your video is, the more chances of growing your business rapidly.

An animation company will always stay in touch with you at every stage of video production. Therefore, they will work on your guidelines to reach your vision. However, it’s not feasible for freelance animators because of their irregular work schedules.