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Video is taking over the internet.

Scratch that, video has already taken over the internet, and it’s only getting bigger.

The reason for that is simple – video is a fantastic delivery system for any kind of content, whether it’s comedy, news, landig page videos, product explainers, homepage videos, or just about anything else.


We have the technology to not only create video more easily and cost-efficiently than ever before but more importantly, people can consume it more easily than ever before.

Not too long ago the only place outside of cinemas you could experience “moving pictures” was television. Then computers came along, bringing with it the ability to watch videos on demand vs. whatever was being beamed to your TV.

Now, the entire world has changed.



Two years ago, I spent the winter traveling across India via train.

I spent some time in villages in the deserts of Rajasthan and the jungles of Kerala

What I saw blew my mind.

Farmers who still didn’t have plumbing were watching YouTube videos in the rice fields. Nomads, living in tents and trading camels with each other scrolled through their Facebook feeds.

video is everywhere

This level of digital saturation is incredible, and if you have a business, any business, the ability to reach potential customers with video marketing is a goldmine that you must tap into.

I’m going to assume you already have a website. What you need now is a homepage video.

Read on to learn why.

Why You Need a Video On Your Website Homepage

In this first section, I’m going to be sharing pages and pages of complicated math equations that you will neither understand nor care about.

Just kidding.

But that makes a good point, right?

It only takes a few seconds for our brains to take in information and decide yes, I would like to keep paying attention to this or to check out and move on entirely.

Much has been discussed recently about attention spans.

Some research shows our average attention spans are shrinking by the year.

Other studies claim that is false, and that we don’t, in fact, now have shorter attention spans than goldfish (8 seconds, if we’re keeping track).


 That’s why a homepage video is so valuable – but don’t take my word for it. Research shows that video is incredibly effective.

You can check the article by Forbes where you can learn more.

Here Are A Handful Of Relevant Points

Homepage or landing page videos can increase conversion by 80%

•59% of company decision makers would rather watch a video than read

•90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions

•Marketing expert James McQuivey estimates a single minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words

Think about that last point for a moment.

One minute of video conveys as much information as almost 2 million words!


I’ll elaborate on that point in the next segment.

Why Is A Homepage Explainer Video So Effective?

A minute of video being the equivalent of 1.8 million words.

Sounds crazy?

It actually makes sense when you take into account that words are an effective, but extremely basic means of transmitting messages.

With video, you are creating an entire brand package that accurately delivers information in a concise, stimulating, even entertaining piece of content.



What Are Some Characteristics Of a Great Homepage Video?


•Represents your company identity

•Creates positive emotional triggers that engage the audience

•Works like a “funnel,” capturing viewers and bringing them along a compelling journey that showcases your brand

•Conveys the information you want viewers to know

•Leads people to not only a call to action but works in conjunction with a CTA button

•Drives traffic to your website

It isn’t just humans that are engaged by homepage video, it’s web search engines as well.

A recent study by Forrester showed that websites with video are 53 times more likely to rank higher than a site with only text. Search engine algorithms for every major company are written to favor video – that reason alone makes having a homepage video a must!

If You’re Still Unconvinced You Need A Homepage Video, Here Are A Few Other Reasons To Consider


Homepage Video Delivers Your Entire Message Quickly.

This is somewhat related to how powerful video is when compared to text, but even more specific.

When I say your “message,” I don’t just mean a product or service you’re trying to sell. Your message also includes the identity of your company (we’re friendly, we’re environmentally conscious, we’ll make you MONEY).

And it delivers it concurrently with what you’re selling.


 Homepage Video Gives Personality To Your Brand

This is somewhat related to how powerful video is when compared to text, but even more specific.

When I say your “message,” I don’t just mean a product or service you’re trying to sell. Your message also includes the identity of your company (we’re friendly, we’re environmentally conscious, we’ll make you MONEY).

And it delivers it concurrently with what you’re selling.


It increases Reach

People love sharing videos, and a memorable video is easily shared.



In fact, website video content is shared 12 times more than text and image content combined.

And I’m not even talking about going viral here, I’m simply talking about what happens on a regular basis.

A woman sees your video, plays it, and immediately thinks “My friend Jeff needs to see this.” In a couple of clicks, your video is on its way to a new audience.

Video makes it easy for your potential customers to spread the word about you!


How To Add Video To Your Website Homepage?.

Of course, simply having a video and knowing what to do with it are two different things.

Thankfully, making the most out of it isn’t difficult.

You can even use this as a guide.

Let’s say you have a homepage video ready to go.

As you would imagine, there are ways to optimize your content to make sure it’s working most effectively for you.

If you’ve got your own IT person or department, you probably won’t need to know this information, but if you’re a small operation without a whole lot of web experience (hey, it happens, I know successful business people who want to build their own sites for the first time), this guide will come in handy.



The most important thing that needs to happen is:

Your homepage video should be right there on the top of your website– the first thing people see below your menu or header.

Again, if we’re talking about people making a decision to stick around or not in less than 10 seconds, even a single long sentence of text is enough to waste that time.

Don’t give your potential customer a chance to leave before even knowing what you’re all about, especially if your site is eCommerce or Shopify!

That said, here are the actual steps to getting your homepage video actually on to your homepage.


1. Host It.

If you’re at an enterprise level, your IT person will most likely be hosting the video on-site. This is preferred, but it also goes through a lot of bandwidth. The easier option is using a free host like Vimeo (even YouTube can work). They will shoulder the bandwidth so it doesn’t come out of your hosting plan. Once you have an account, upload your video.


2. Get Embed Code

When your video is uploaded and ready to go, you’re going to want to find the embed code.

If you go to the video page, you’ll find an “embed” option that will show you a string of code that you can copy.

If you take a look at the code, you’ll see numbers in there that you can actually modify to change the size that video displays in.


3. Paste The Code Into Your Homepage

You’ll obviously need a little experience with this since you’ll be editing your own site, but this step itself requires minimal skill.

Some site builders have a plugin that you can easily paste the embed code into.

Others have plugins that allow you to customize your page in different ways. However yours works, you’ll be pasting the embed code in the proper place.

Publish your page and then try it out. If you don’t like the size, you can go back into the code and manually change the numbers to anything you want!

Just remember to keep the ratio (16:9, most likely) correct so that the video size doesn’t become skewed.



Once the video is embedded within your homepage, the real fun begins. That’s because, due to how amazing technology is now, you don’t just have to sit idly by and hope that your video is doing something. Thanks to plugins like Google Tag Manager, you can now view metrics to see just how well your homepage video is performing.

 I thought about doing an entire breakdown, but Neil Patel does such a great job, I’m just going to link to his post on it.


You’ll see he has equally strong words about how important a homepage video is, literally calling it one of the most lucrative moves you can make for your website.

Ok, I Get It. I Need A Homepage Video. What Now?

I’m sure if you’ve peaked around here, it should come as no surprise that Yans Media are experts at creating videos.

We specialize in homepage videos, videos for a product landing page, videos for a sales landing page, explainer videos – basically any kind of custom animated video that can be used to deliver your brand message.

We have an expert team led by creative directors and producers that work side by side with you from concept to final video, and we’ve got hundreds of happy clients from small businesses to multi-billion dollar global giants.

The best part is, animated video is as powerful and effective as live video but at a fraction of the cost.

Our homepage videos start at just $2000.

What About Free Stock Videos Or Landing Page Makers?

There have been a few companies popping up lately with ads for “customizable videos.”

Unfortunately, customizable doesn’t mean “good for your brand.”

These platforms utilize templates and stock footage that can look pretty, but they aren’t original and don’t have any connection whatsoever to your brand identity.

Do you really want to use stock footage and plug and play templates to make a homepage video that is the first thing that people experience as the face of your company?

explainer video template

If you work with a professional team, however, you’re getting 100% original content created from scratch from script to animation, designed to represent your company and tailored to your target audience.

Final Words

There is no shortage of tips and tricks out there that can boost website success for your company, and hopefully, you always continue to make your online presence stronger.

But one of the very first steps right along with SEO should be getting a professional video created and placing it front and center on your homepage.

If you’re interested in taking your brand to the next level, we’d love to chat further about your company goals and how to best turn your brand message into an invaluable video. Contact us today!

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