Video is taking over the internet.

Scratch that, video has already taken over the internet, and it’s only getting bigger.

The reason for that is simple – video is a fantastic delivery system for any kind of content, whether it’s comedy, news, landig page videos, product explainers, homepage videos, or just about anything else.

startup demo video

We have the technology to not only create video more easily and cost-efficiently than ever before but more importantly, people can consume it more easily than ever before.

Not too long ago the only place outside of cinemas you could experience “moving pictures” was television. Then computers came along, bringing with it the ability to watch videos on demand vs. whatever was being beamed to your TV.

Now, the entire world has changed.

Two years ago, I spent the winter traveling across India via train.

I spent some time in villages in the deserts of Rajasthan and the jungles of Kerala

What I saw blew my mind.

Farmers who still didn’t have plumbing were watching YouTube videos in the rice fields. Nomads, living in tents and trading camels with each other scrolled through their Facebook feeds.

video is everywhere

This level of digital saturation is incredible, and if you have a business, any business, the ability to reach potential customers with video marketing is a goldmine that you must tap into.

I’m going to assume you already have a website. What you need now is a homepage video.

Read on to learn why.