Cool products need cool startup explainer videos

Startup explainer videos have become a great way for companies to present their products and keep the cool factor to a maximum. Pavlok is the perfect example of a cool product that wants to go mainstream with the help of a startup video. Old habits die hard? Pavlok allows people to shape their behaviors in an easy and science-backed way. Through controlled vibrations, this device can help you change habits like smoking, nail-biting, and excessive eating.

The challenge: Use our expertise on best startup videos to promote a cool product

Hundreds of people have changed their ways through Pavlok, and the startup wants this number to grow. This is why they trusted our experience with startup explainer videos to create a unique piece of animation.

Considering their target audience relates to wellbeing and technology, Simplifilm made it their mission to keep up with the cool factor of the product. And what better way to do this than with slick startup videos.

The approach on this project was three-fold. First, create something that would grab people’s attention. Second, persuade them to look for more info on the product.And third, inspire them to accomplish change in their lives.