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Reasons Why It’s Bad For Your Business

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When your company wants to promote or launch a new product or service, it is very important to manage the advertising medium very carefully.

Normally, folks will focus on having the ads on the print, billboard, video, or digital.

While the old ways can be pricey for some companies, an explainer video can come as the better solution.


Explainer video might be more prevalent medium to use because there are tons of benefits that you can take including:

 Increasing conversion rates

• Effective brand awareness

 The good demo for product or service

• Better ranking in search engine,

• Web traffic, and many more.

Amongst the many options out there, chances are you are going to assess the cheaper option.

The question is,

Is The Cheaper Explainer Video Worth Your Money And Sources?

In many cases, getting cheaper explainer video does not guarantee you to get the great videos for your product, service, or brand. Here are the reasons why.

Cheap Explainer Video Is Not So Impactful

Cheap explainer videos can be low in quality, unappealing, and unpersonalized.

These are just not impactful enough to engage your potential buyers.

Although the word “cheap” can be relative from one individual to another. Let’s just assume that it is cheap for small to medium business scale.

Usually, lower-end videos have the quality of images which are similar to clip art.

These are not customized so that lacking personal brand touch. Because of that, not all audiences are really convinced by the cheaper videos.

As a result

There are chances they have seen something similar launched by the other companies who offer similar products as yours.


Here is the critical question about the cheap marketing video.

“Is it impactful enough on the viewers?”

Then the next question is

“do you need a video?” or “do you need an impactful video?”


Will you buy the undereye revive after watching this promotional video?

Cheap Explainer Video Is NOT THE BEST TOOL FOR ROI

As we know, ROI is an important aspect of all business on every scale.

An effective explainer video is one that helps to increase the conversion rates and bring real traffic to your website.

This means that more people will look at your video and go to your website as directed in the video.

To get the best ROI, you should invest more in higher quality explainer video. It might not be possible if you expect the cheap explainer video to work the same as the expensive one.


The Art In Video

We can’t neglect the fact that when it comes to cheap explainer video, the budget is trimmed. This will affect the process of the video creation as well.

The video creator will focus on a cheaper solution like using clip art.

The problem is that they can’t do more with such a limited budget. It is not likely that your video consists of customized art specifically made for your product or service demo video.

We can’t overlook the fact that most buyers who use the internet are smart people. They can assume that your video is inauthentic and indifference to the other videos on the internet.

cheap explaiener video charachter
You may have been in the viewers’ positions before. You may notice some videos out there are similar to each other.


Your brand is unique.

That’s why you will need to come up with original ideas, concepts, and creative ones. Don’t let a single cheap explainer video jeopardizes your business.


Handle Your Own Script

Cheaper explainer video service usually offer stand-alone animation or video project.

The freelancers or these services providers assume that you will provide the script as the outline that they can use to make the relevant video.

The number of words will affect the length of the video as well.

You could opt to write your own script, or let someone else do it. That means you will need to invest more time and resources to work on the script as well.

The Quality Of Explainer Video Shows The Value Of Your Brand

Everyone loves the engaging and quality video.

The good explainer video is one that comes with quality and a good message.

People can grasp it really well, and not forget the fun factors of the video so that they will remember your brand after watching your video.

Just Ask Yourself “Do You Need Your Audience To Trust You?”

The thing you should not neglect is that now everyone can be the video connoisseur.

Whether your audience is child, adult, or elders, you can’t exclude this fact from your business equation.

The quality of your explainer video indeed has a direct impact on how your audience will consider your brand.

It works as simple as this “Bad video = bad company”. That’s all.

You Get What You Pay For

Well, it is so true.

High-quality explainer videos do not come with a cheap price.

You can go for a cheap explainer video service which results in “so-so” or poor quality video.

There is no catch here.

You simply get what you pay for.

You probably ever wondered why professional video service costs you a hefty amount of bucks.

Well, there is a sensible reason behind the marvelous price tag.

While cheaper service means templates, low quality, clip art, low-quality script, etc. The expensive service is contrary to it.

Inexpensive video creation service offered by renowned and reputable explainer video company, the production process involves a lot of people.

Depending on the video content, there will be at least 6 people involved in video creation process.

Here are the talents who are involved in “serious” explainer video:

  • Account(contact person)
  • Creative director
  • 1-2 illustrators
  • 1-2 animators
  • Production manager
  • Voice over artist
  • Sound and video editor

Your video should fit your branding.

You will want your video is customized in every element so that it can really represent your company image.

The impactful video will convince your audience that this video is from your company, and only for your company’s clients.

A 1-minute explainer video can cost $2500. this price includes all the services from the beginning to the end of the production, until the outcome.

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Quick Verdict

You may or may not realize the effect of cheap explainer video for your brand and company development.

Either way, think about the benefits of having the good quality explainer video.

Compare it with the cheap explainer video.

You’ll know what to choose for your company’s longevity.

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