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Explainer Videos Starting at $2000

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a video that explains your service or product in about a minute.
Easy, right? The more detailed answer is that an explainer video is designed to appeal to a target audience with engaging content that compels the viewer to take action.
Think of an explainer video as the perfect elevator pitch, but better, because it can live on your landing page and be shared and spread across social media.


  • Simplify difficult concepts
  • Relate your core message.
  • Show a problem and a solution
  • In about a minute, a great marketing video will hook a viewer in, stir their emotions, and inspire them to take action.
  • Animated explainers have limitless animation possibilities, at a far more reasonable cost than live action video.

Yans // Explainer Video Production Pprocess

How does Yans Media create an explainer video?

A great video explainer production begins with listening. At Yans Media we learn about your company, your target audience, your desired message, your needs.

Our expert writers then get to work to create a concept and script that will engage your target audience.

A professional voiceover artist is chosen and music that triggers the right emotional connection is carefully picked.

We create custom visuals to fit your brand, working with you from storyboard to animation to ensure your satisfaction.

When finished, you will have a video explainer not only to be proud of but one that delivers your message effectively.

Yans \\ Examples Of Landing Page Videos

How Long Should Be An

Explainer Video And Why?

  1. An explainer video must be short and precise, just long enough to grab attention and deliver a core message. Long videos with excessive information tend to bore potential customers and viewers. We focus on 2-3 important points and keep the length of the video to 60-90 seconds.

How Much Does Cost To Make An

Explainer Video?

Most of animated explainers budget on our site typically cost between $2500-$4500 per 1 minute depending on the style and complexity. All our videos are handcrafted with 100% unique designs and you will get a team of highly dedicated and skilled professionals for every stage of the project; scriptwriters, creative thinkers, project managers, and animators.

How Lond Does It Take To Create An Animated Explainer Video?

We dedicate our time and expertise to handcraft your business explainer exactly as you want it to be. As we utilize the best resources for custom script writing, animation, and other procedures, we usually take up a time period of 6-8 weeks. However, we are flexible and can accommodate quick orders within a requested time.

– What Now? –

Explainer videos can be used in a multitude of ways, from business presentations to landing pages to social media, but one thing is certain – if you have an online presence, having an explainer video is a must.

A good explainer video production company will present your message in a way that can’t be matched by print alone. Search algorithms strongly favor video, and we live in the age of digital sharing, making an animated explainer a valuable tool for your website, app, or social media.

7 Characteristics Of A Great Explainer Video

  1. Up to 90 seconds
  2. Clear and to the point
  3. A focus on benefits
  4. Conversational tone
  5. Custom designed
  6. Perfect music
  7. Right call to action

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