Explanatory video for HR Management Software 15five

Companies need to integrate processes and track their assets to compete in a cutthroat world. The best way to do this? By using a performance management platform like 15five.

15five combines employee feedback, pulse surveys, and peer recognition. All with the purpose of creating efficient teams and a solid company culture. The best way to show benefits without using all this technical mumbo jumbo? An explanatory video.

The challenge: Describe 15five through a demo video for the website

Workplace culture, HR management, and engagement maximization are popular terms in today’s corporate environment. But they might not be the easiest to explain.

With this issue in mind, 15five approached us with the idea to develop an explanatory video. They wanted to speak to HRmanagerswho handle the greatest foundation of any collective effort: the human talent.

Of course, this required a simple way to describe all the features their HR management software provides. They wanted to highlight concepts like employee connectivity, performance metrics, and a stronger company culture. They also wanted to shake up YouTube with attractive visuals.