How To Make Android & Iphone App Demo Video

We can’t neglect that videos are pretty big deal these days.

More and more businesses, regardless their size, consider using app explainer videos to engage with their potential customers. Be the product, service, company brand, the elements of the businesses can’t neglect the very existence of video marketing.

This also applies to app marketing.

Android & iPhone Apps have been prevalent for most modern folks who are using their mobile phone on daily basis.

The users are now getting easy access to the apps demonstrations through the short videos from the developers.The videos have made such information and learning process much easier. The internet users can understand better, and get to know more.

The app demo videos can be posted on the video hosting sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion, as well as YouTube. Not to mention social media networking sites can be the effective medium for spreading the videos.

The good thing here is that everyone has the free access to such appealing video. The thing is that making a application demo video is close to the creative process. If you don’t do it right, you won’t get it right.

The Process Of Making Android & Iphone
App Demo Video

Assuming that it is your first time. You will first need to make a plan. Think about the concept, the ideas, and what you’ll want to deliver to your audience. Then you can start the process of making the demo video. Here are some points that you should nail to make a great app promotional video.

2. Storyboard

The script contains both explicit and implicit meaning. It is the cornerstone of your video. It goes without saying that your video won’t breathe a life if there is no script. A great script should focus on the problem that your audience has been struggling for, the proper solutions for the problems, and how your app will accommodate the clients to solve the problem.

1. Scriptwrting

When you have done with the script writing, time to conduct the storyboard. The storyboard needs to highlight the most important points that you’ll want to deliver. Keep in mind that audience has the very short attention span. Your video should be short, dense, to the point, and interesting to watch. Longer videos will put the risk of being abandoned in the middle of the way by your audience.


Creating Android or iPhone
app demo video

The video creation process will happen after you finish your storyboarding procedure.


The video creation will involve the important activities including recording, adding effects, voiceovers, audio editing, video editing, and mock-up watching (optional).


When it comes recording, you could capture the video through the mobile app. It won’t cost you a big budget to record the demonstration of your new app. It will involve the recording activity on your app.

Keep in mind that recording the app and recording your PC software is different. So, you will want to make sure you do it with proper software and hardware.

Then you will need to add the effects and titles to make you’re visual more complete. If you are familiar with Vegas Pro or After Effects, that should not be a problem for you.
The voiceovers and adding the audio is also an integral part of your video creation. You will need to have royalty free music tracks to be added to your app promotional video, regarding that you’ll upload them to YouTube or other video hosting sites. Voiceover artists can come in handy, or you could record your own voice over if you are sure about your voice.
Editing will be the final step before publishing your video. Then you will want to show it to your co-workers, family, or friends. Let them give their honest opinion about your video.
Keep in mind that the video creation process can be self-made or professionally done by the experts. That means you can hire people who are skillful in these categories to get the job done for you. The professional explainer videos can cost at least $2500. So, you will want to carefully think about the budget and learn what to consider before hiring an explainer company.

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Tips To Create Creative App Demo Video

People are fond of appealing and amusing android & iPhone app demo video. Gone are the days where all the formalities were upheld in the top term. Modern society needs something more entertaining yet educational. So, here are some tips not to get left in the demanding modern society when creating the app promotional video.


1.Use funny characters or use your mascot

The characters and mascot can be the perfect ones to engage with your customers. It works pretty much the same as dressing your salesman with funny character to spread the flyers to the public. But this is more effective and efficient. The cute characters along with engaging narration will make a perfect app promotional video.

2.Limit what you present

Don’t present all of the features and slits of your app. After all, you won’t have enough time to describe everything on the table. Decide the scope. If necessary, look at the giant companies out there. You’ll know that they only bring up small details of their new products or services. Yet, their videos are impactful.


3.Live video with human

Your human user can be the face of the company. It can get closer to your audience. Well, after all, the users of your apps are human. Don’t forget about this detail. If you can’t do this by yourself, make sure you hire well-groomed talent. Well, you don’t want to hear comments like “you are too young to use this app”, “your hands are too dirty”, “I was expecting someone appealing to demonstrate the app, not just a…”, etc…


4. Get the best voice overs

Make sure you get the best voice actors to represent your company. If you are not sure who is the best one, you could pay two or more different voice actors to record the script you provide. Pick one you like the best. Or, use all of them if you like them all. It does not hurt to have the same video with different voice-overs.

5.Be different

What makes a powerful and impactful video is the bravery to self yourself apart from your competitors. People are bored with the jumbo mambo words, price tags, and that dubstep mix. Well, give us and them a break! You will want to keep it real. So, don’t follow the others. Go with a different direction.

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